The Team


Derek and Leakhena Hostetler MCC Cambodia Country Representatives, Phnom Penh

Annalisa and Jacob Brenneman Exchange Coordinators focused on incoming YAMEN and SALT participants

Ly Sophea Exchange Coordinator focused on outgoing YAMEN and IVEP participants

Chhourn Maly Education Advisor, Prey Veng Province

Warren West Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator, Phnom Penh

Keo Chharvyringsey (Ringsey) Accountant/Partner Auditor, Phnom Penh

Hannah Kurtz Peace Program Support Worker, Phnom Penh

Audrey Thill Peace Program Support Worker, Phnom Penh

Vince Stange Education Program Facilitator, Prey Veng Province


Rachel Bergen SALT participant from Abbotsford, Canada

Mojesh Marandi YAMEN participant from India

Binu Rai YAMEN participant from Nepal

Madeleine Yoder SALT participant from Goshen, U.S.

Jessica Sosa SALT participant from Fresno, U.S.

Tyler Loewen SALT participant from Winnipeg, Canada