Our Partners

Angkearhdei Primary School (APS)

MCC’s Global Family supports the Angkearhdei Primary School, located in a rural area of Prey Veng province. This public primary school was selected because of its remote location and the barriers to education faced by the village children. It is isolated during the rainy season due to flooding, and many of the village members migrate to Thailand seasonally to work. These factors and the need for all family members to work mean that most children have difficulty continuing their education past the primary level. MCC has provided funding for renovation and construction of bathrooms, books for the library, and the construction of new classrooms below the school, which were previously open-air. Flood relief measures were put in place after the devastating 2011 floods.

More recently, MCC’s Global Family has funded a school breakfast program. A nutritious breakfast raises both daily attendance rates and attention of students. MCC provides funding for projects, the breakfast program and assistance from a MCC service worker. For more information, click here.

Building Community Voices (BCV)

BCV envisions a Cambodian civil society that is vibrant, proud, and engaged with and by its government, through community media training and support to communities and community organizations throughout Cambodia to help them communicate with each other and with outside stakeholders. MCC supports BCV through a SALT or YAMEN participant. To visit their website, click here.

Initiatives of Change Association (ICA)

ICA is a volunteer organization focused on creating opportunities for Cambodian youth, particularly high school and university students, to volunteer their time and resources toward improving relationships damaged by nationalism and racism, and providing inter-ethnic dialogues for peace and harmony. ICA’s programs include the Cambodia Vietnam Exchange Program, Cambodia Thai Exchange Program, Youth Camp, Food Distribution, Book Contribution, Environmental Awareness, and other opportunities for capacity-building. MCC provides financial support and a Partner Advisor. For more information, click here.

Interfaith Cooperation Forum (ICF)

The School of Peace (SOP) was an idea born out of the Interfaith Cooperation Forum. The purpose of the SOP is to encourage engagement between peoples of different faiths in Asia. This is done through bringing together approximately 20 young adults from conflict areas of Asia who share different faith perspective. The SOP is designed to encourage young people from around Asia to become agents of transformation in the task of building cultures and communities of just peace. MCC supports ICF through a SALT participant. For more information, click here.

Let Us Create (LUC)

Let us Create (LUC) gives Sihanoukville children – who are vulnerable to homelessness, early school leaving, and trafficking – access to painting, craft and sport activities, a daily snack and lunch, access to medical and dental assistance, and the opportunity to receive a proper education. The center provides educational opportunities and support, so the children can eventually re-enter public school. MCC supports LUC through a SALT or YAMEN participant. To learn more about LUC, click here.

Network Prey Veng (NPV)

The Prey Veng NGO Network (NPV) is a collection of NGOs working in Cambodia’s Prey Veng Province. Its 26 member organizations meet monthly for purposes of idea-sharing, problem-solving, improving unity between NGOs, and creating a collective voice for advocacy. NPV is divided into 4 working groups based on their primary area(s) of work: (1) human rights, trafficking and violence, (2) education and health, (3) agriculture, and (4) good governance.

MCC provides an advisor to assist with general capacity-building support as NPV aims to better define themselves as a network and become more effective. MCC also provides limited financial support to assist with basic NPV core costs, and to assist the agriculture working group in providing training workshops on improved agricultural technologies.

Organization to Develop Our Villages (ODOV)

ODOV works to build the capacity of local community organizations (particularly marginalized groups), and to promote improved food security and household income, peace, and good governance. ODOV is located in the rural Mesang district of Prey Veng province.

MCC supports 3 of ODOV’s projects: Integrated Community Development (ICD), High School Agriculture, and High School Sewing. The ICD project provides agriculture training and resources to vulnerable farmers with the goal of increasing their food production, access to food, and household nutrition levels. The Sewing Project is supported through Global Family.

MCC provides an advisor for staff and organizational capacity development, financial grants, and a SALT/YAMEN volunteer. For more information about ODOV, click here.

Peace Bridges (PB)

Peace Bridges was created to spread a vision and commitment throughout Cambodian churches and communities for dealing with conflicts in ways consistent with the Christian faith. The NGO’s work includes training peacebuilders to assist Cambodian Christians and their neighbours to prevent and resolve conflict; giving mediation training sessions; and providing mediation services. This is currently the only Christian group doing conflict counselling and mediation in Cambodia on such a wide scale. Peace Bridges is located in Phnom Penh but is involved throughout the provinces.

MCC originally helped to establish Peace Bridges, and continues to provide on-going support through a Partner Advisor. An MCC staff member also sits on the steering board, and a service worker supports the organization’s work. For more information on Peace Bridges, click here.

Precious Women

Precious Women works with women involved in the sex industry as well as women vulnerable to being recruited for the sex trade. They do regular visits to KTVs (Cambodian Karaoke bars) and beer gardens weekly to create relationships with the women working in the industry and to offer support and services to those searching for a way to start a new life.

Precious Women helps women transition out of this line of work by offering temporary housing, counselling services, HIV education, and vocational training in cosmetology, cooking and sewing. MCC supports Precious Women through a SALT/YAMEN volunteer. To learn more about Precious Women, click here.

Prey Veng Irrigation Office (PVIO)

PVIO is a government agency responsible for most of the irrigation projects in Prey Veng province. Many unfinished irrigation projects exist in Prey Veng province due to heaving flooding and drought. MCC supports PVIO in its work on small-scale irrigation projects. In 1992, MCC began a project called Farmer Participation in Irrigation Developement. The project promoted small-scale irrigation through the establishment of water user groups who oversaw the administration, financial management, and maintenance of the canals. In more recent years, MCC has moved into a partnership role with PVIO, but PVIO continues to complete successful irrigation projects through quality construction and the innovative idea of the water user groups. MCC provides advisory and financial grants.

Returnee Integration Support Center (RISC)

In March 2002, the United States and Cambodia signed an agreement whereby more than 1,000 Cambodians living in the US would be deported to Cambodia. All of these individuals entered the US legally as refugees (most as children) in the early 1980’s. Over the years, they became involved in various kinds of illegal activity. All were convicted and completed probationary or prison terms. All are now ineligible for US citizenship and under current US law must be deported. Most of those being deported have little connection to contemporary Cambodia. Some do not speak Khmer and many do not read or write the language. Some were born in refugee camps and have never set foot in Cambodia. Deportation began in June 2002 and continues to this day.

RISC is the only organization in the country to support these deportees. It facilitates the integration and adjustment of returnees by providing assistance with an initial orientation, documentation, employment, emergency medical support, temporary housing, and referrals to other services in order for returnees to become independent and contributing members of Cambodian society. MCC provides a partner assistant and financial support. To learn more, click here.

Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP)

The Royal University of Phnom Penh is the largest university in Cambodia, providing education for more than 12,000 students. The English language program has been in existence since 1993. Students must complete 6 semesters of English during the course of their degree to qualify. Currently, the ELSU has 28 teachers (5 expatriate) and provides classes to 1,574 students, 880 of which are female.

MCC has partnered with the ELSU since 1997. Early MCC volunteers were very instrumental in the development of the program.  Since that time, volunteers have included service workers as well as a number of SALT volunteers. These volunteers have served as teachers and as management staff. MCC’s involvement has given many Cambodian students the opportunity to further their studies in English, and thus find more sustainable careers in their field of study. For more information about the English program, click here.

Songkahak Komar School (SKS)

Songkahak Komar School provides free education for poor, orphaned and vulnerable children in the Ba Phnom community of Prey Veng Province. Now, thanks to a grant from MCC’s Global Family, they can also offer free traditional music and dance classes to these children, creating positive connections between them and their community, aiding in the restoration of traditional music and dance, and strengthening their ties to a positive and continuing learning experience. MCC provides an advisor and a small grant from Global Family.

Takeo Community Forestry and Integrated Development Association (TCFDA)

The TCFIDA began in 1992 when MCC started working with villages to develop a community tree-planting project in Takeo province and has since evolved into a village association. The association has expanded and currently works in 22 villages. The association aims to improve farmers’ livelihoods through integrated community development that promotes democracy, human rights, socio-economic development, and sustainable environment. Current activities include tree planting, rice banks, village savings and credit cooperatives and irrigation.

MCC provides an advisor to assist with organizational development issues along with funding for activities and core costs. To learn more about TCFIDA, click here.

Women Peacemakers (WPM)

Women rights’ abuses are common in Cambodia. These abuses have many forms, namely rape and other forms of domestic violence. Women also incur emotional harm in a variety of more subtle ways through a culture holding a pervasive belief that women are the weaker sex. Women Peacemakers formed with a vision to see women’s rights better understood and respected by both men and women themselves. WPM desires to see women equipped through their workshops and go on to be part of the solution through forming network groups and educating people in their villages with what they’ve learned. Today, WPM workshops interweave teaching on children rights as well as women’s and encourage participants to explore peaceful methods of resolving conflict.

MCC provides a service worker to assist with organizational development issues along with a small amount of funding for core costs such as office rent and salaries. To learn more about Women Peacemakers, click here.